Seasons greetings from Cottonwood Lady Niners – look good and play well

Thanks, Desmond, for all you do!

Thanks, Desmond, for all you do!

Diana De Pree

At the time I am writing this article we are nearing Christmas and have yet to have our seasonal party. We are thinking about what to buy for someone very special. In case you are wondering, my wish list includes a ball retriever, new balls to replace all the old ones that went for a swim on Nos. 9 and 18, along with a good looking outfit; knowing that if I cannot play well I should at least look good. All these wonderful things can be found in our great Pro Shop. We thank Desmond and his team of professionals for giving their support, encouragement and guidance and look forward to a New Year challenge of more fun and exercise.

The Lady Niners have been invited to several external events in the New Year which include the Pebble Creek Invitational in February and the Ironwood Invitational in March. Mark your calendars.

Here are our winners who looked good and played well:

12/1. Circle 4 – Flight 1: 1st Bette Lu Buchanan, 2nd Margie Brandon, 3rd Leeanna Michelson; Flight 2: 1st Cathy Kinnick, 2nd (tie) Sharon Howard, Sandy Jackson and Lane Kemper, 3rd Joanne Baker; Flight 3: 1st Lorri Morgan, 2nd Mary Ann Loran, 3rd (tie) Moe Bleth and Kay Kautzman