Oakwood 18-Hole Couples League

Richard Teater

On Jan. 24, the league held its second event of 2020 playing a Four-Person Team Cha-Cha-Cha. This was also our annual “GOLF” day in which golf means “Going Out Looking Foolish”! Various members revealed their “wild” side by wearing eye-catching (distracting) gear. One league officer admitted to shopping at the local Goodwill store for an extraordinary outfit (and she succeeded!). This outrageousness drew a field of 104 players.

Thirteen winning/placing couples shared in a pot of $386.16. Don’t ask how we arrived at that unique figure, as only our honorable webmaster knows. Another $30 was awarded to KP and LP winners. The highlight of play was Ward Stone’s eagle on the par 5 Sonoran #5. Congratulations, Ward! Obviously, he was not distracted by the “foolish” outfits on the course.

For any parties interested in joining this fun league, visit our website at www.oakwoodcouplesgolf.com.