Oakwood Couples 18 Hole Golf League update

Linda Smith

Many thanks for a wonderful golf year to our outgoing Presidents Dave and Steph Higgins! Last year, we saw our league grow in popularity and for the first time ever, we maxed out the number of golfers on the course. The main goal of our incoming Presidents Dick and Carole Schmidt is to continue to have fun!

Generally, we golf twice a month on Friday afternoons. You can play from any tee box, increasing your golf enjoyment. We are currently accepting new members, but join before we fill up.

All information is on our website at www.oakwoodcouplesgolf.com including contact information if you need to speak to a real person. To join our league, complete a membership application, have an active GHIN number and pay $40.00 per couple annual membership fee. Then, for each game, you pay just $36.00 a couple for the meal and prizes (if you have an IronOaks golf membership). If you do not have a golf membership, you also pay for golf.

You belong in our league! Join us! v