OLGA-18 crowns club champion

Patty Gray, Nancy Gray, Jan Stephenson, Glo Malmberg and Janet Kelleher play in LPGA Legends Tour-Pro-Am on March 6.

Patty Gray, Nancy Gray, Jan Stephenson, Glo Malmberg and Janet Kelleher play in LPGA Legends Tour-Pro-Am on March 6.

Glo Malmberg, Publicity

Wow! Congratulations to Sharon Bowditch on winning OLGA’s most prestigious trophy. This is Sharon’s fifth club championship in just six years! Outstanding play, Sharon! A big congratulation to runners-up: 1st Mary Figgis, 2nd Roselyn Hoiby, and 3rd Dari Akin. Other flight winners include Flight 2: 1st Dang Teater, 2nd Barbara DeNapoli, 3rd Shirley Weaver; Flight 3: 1st Barbara Anderson, 2nd Karen Welker, 3rd Julie Hastings; Flight 4: 1st Kathy Burns, 2nd Lois Coomans, 3rd Carol Jones. The Club Championship Tournament was a very fun and competitive three rounds of golf. After play, the league gathered on the patio at Sunsets for lunch and presentation of awards.

OLGA member Janet Kelleher made an on-line donation to the Walgreens Charity Classic with a chance to win a four-member team to play in the LPGA Legends Tour Pro-Am. See separate article in this Splash for picture and how Janet’s donation paid off.

OLGA’s upcoming events in April include the Crossover Tournament (PICO), round one on Thursday, April 14 and round two on Thursday, April 21. Also, the final State Medallion qualifying round will be held on May 12.

February Event winners:

2/03. One-on-One – 1st place team Roselyn Hoiby, Barbara Anderson, Liz Pritchard and Sue Richmond; 2nd place team Judy Darnell, Linda Meisinger, Lois Coomans, Jan Skibo; 3rd place team: B. J. Schuller, Julie Hastings, Doris Swanson, Vicki Carmichael

2/10. Club Championship No. 1 and Front 9 – Flight 1: 1st Iris Pattie, 2nd (tie) Karen Jensen, Glo Malmberg and Linda Wolfe; Flight 2: 1st Colleen Ritter, 2nd Barbara Anderson 3rd (tie) Julie Hastings, Judy Kirschenbaum, Doris Swanson and Karen Welker; Flight 3: 1st Paula Dielmann, 2nd Margo Lindsey, 3rd Lois Coomans

2/17. Club Championship No. 2 and Back 9 – Flight 1: 1st Roselyn Hoiby, 2nd Karen Jensen, 3rd (tie) Dari Akin, Lorraine Blair and Glo Malmberg; Flight 2: 1st Barb DeNapoli, 2nd (tie) Stephanie Raach and Linda Smith; Flight 3: 1st Linda Thrash, 2nd Joyce Sbur, 3rd (tie) Barbara Anderson and Phyllis D’Amore

2/24. Club Championship Final and Front or Back 9 – Flight 1: 1st Cindy Reinertsen, 2nd (tie) Colleen Ritter and Shirley Weaver; Flight 2: 1st Kathy Burns, 2nd (tie) Barbara Anderson and Julie Hastings; Flight 3: 1st Joan Lauer, 2nd Jimmie Maramonte, 3rd (tie) Robin Thomas and Suzanne Willey

Do You Remember – On April 27, 1993, Sandy Resnick won the Club Championship. Sandy also won the Developer’s Cup (now OLGA Cup) in February.