OLGA-18 news

Glo Malmberg

Fall has arrived, the snowbirds are flying in and the golfing season will start anew very soon. The Oakwood Ladies Golf Association (OLGA) was down to pretty much a skeleton crew over the summer months so we are very much looking forward to the return of our fellow golfers.

Don’t forget the annual IronOaks Golf Expo will kick off our new season, following the October overseeding. The Golf Expo will be held at the Oakwood Pro Shop on Wednesday, October 28 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This is a very popular event as there will be the latest golf equipment, attire and accessories. There will also be food, drinks and raffles. Several top equipment vendors will be displaying their hottest clubs and the practice range will be open for trying out golf clubs and putters.

The Lakes Course is nearly completed and we all look forward to playing on a course with no divots, no footprints in the bunkers and no ball marks on the greens. Hooray! However, many golfers don’t take a moment to repair the damage they do, leaving the course in an unfair condition for those golfers following them. All golfers truly appreciate and expect to find the course in good condition.

August event winners:

08/04: Sonoran Yellow/Sonoran White – Flight 1: 1st Marilyn Morgan, 2nd (tie) B.J. Schuller, Linda Thrash and Shirley Weaver; Flight 2: 1st Carol Jones, 2nd (tie) Dessa Hutchins, Candy Watkinson and Betty Wolfmeyer

08/07: Fours – Flight 1: 1st Glo Malmberg, 2nd Shirley Weaver, 3rd Barbara Denapoli; Flight 2: 1st Carol Jones, 2nd (tie) Beth Ebmeier and Dessa Hutchins

08/18: Pars or Better – Flight 1: 1st B.J. Schuller, 2nd (tie) Glo Malmberg, Pat Schepp and Shirley Weaver; Flight 2: 1st Beth Ebmeier

08/25: Best Nine Holes – Flight 1: 1st B.J. Schuller, 2nd Glo Malmberg; Flight 2: (tie) 1st Marcella Brown and Carol Jones, 3rd (tie) Dessa Hutchins, Sue Richmond and Betty Wolfmeyer

Do you remember?

October 3, 1989, OLGA had its luncheon meeting at the Civic Center. This was OLGA’s first luncheon meeting since formally approved and accepted by the Arizona Women’s Golf Association. Betty Gartner  was president.