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Eun Yoon, OLGA Low Net Champion

Eun Yoon, OLGA Low Net Champion

Kathy Burns

March was a busy month for the Oakwood Ladies Golf Association (OLGA) with the Member/Guest happening on March 9, and the 2021 OLGA Cup on March 16 and 23.

Winners in the Member Guest for Flight 1 were Anne Annis/Mary Gruman; Flight 2: Dolly Eide/Dani Peri; Flight 3: Barb Anderson/Martha Oswalt; Flight 4: Doris Swanson/Mercedes Dellacroce; Flight 5: Mary Ann Woodward/Sue Olson; Flight 6: Karen Welker/Diane Kruse.

March 16 POD was FOURS. Flight 1 winner was Mary Perry, 2nd Sun Yoon, 3rd Mary Dyrseth; Flight 2: 1st Colleen Ritter, 2nd Barbara Dinardo, 3rd Joan Hammond; Flight 3: 1st Gail Moon, 2nd Linda Morris, 3rd Judy Hanna; Flight 4: 1st Joann Rebillard, 2nd Eleanor McCann, 3rd Janey Garibay; Flight 5: 1st JoAnn Zerwekh, 2nd Pamela Powers, 3rd Mary Buhrt;

March 23 POD was 3 Blind Mice (Pro Shop chose three holes to toss out) Flight 1 winner was Eun Yoon (she also had a hole-in-one), 2nd Mary Figgis, 3rd (tie) Barbara Arakelian, Carolyn Marchuk, and Mary Dyrseth; Flight 2 winner was Shirley Weaver, 2nd Barbara Dinardo, 3rd Nancy Cohn; Flight 3 winner was Linda Thrash, 2nd Holley Ritter, 3rd Linda Morris. Flight 4, tied for 1st were Kathy Burns, Joann Rebillard, and Robin Thomas. Flight 5 winner was Vicki Carmichael, 2nd Mary Buhrt, 3rd Sue Richmond.

Our OLGA Cup was on March 16 and 23. Overall low net winner was Eun Yoon. She also had a hole-in-one on that day! Congratulations! Flight 1 low net winner was Mary Figgis, 2nd Mary Dyrseth, and 3rd Leslie Smith. Flight 2 low net winner was Nancy Cohn, 2nd Barbara Dinardo, 3rd Shirley Weaver. Flight 3 low net winner was Susan La Salvia, 2nd Linda Thrash, 3rd Karen Stock. Flight 4 low net winner was Joann Rebillard, 2nd Vicki Carmichael, 3rd Kathy Burns.

March 30 POD was If Only (throw out 1 hole). In Flight 1 there was a three-way tie for 1st: Eun Yoon, Mary Dyrseth, Peggy Cooper. Flight 2 tie for 1st: Susie Lynch and Nancy Cohn. Holley Ritter was 3rd. Flight 3: 1st Linda Morris, 2nd Susan LaSalvia, tied for 3rd Robin Thomas and Debra Dubie. Flight 4: 1st was Pam Powers, 2nd: Joan Lauer, 3rd: Karen Beltz. April 6 was the always popular ABCD Shramble. 1st place winners were Peggy Cooper, Julie Hastings, Kathy Burns, and Suzanne Willey; 2nd place Dang Teater, Shirley Weaver, Debra Dubie, and Eleanor McCann; 3rd place Mary Perry, Judy Kirschenbaum, Fran Morin, and Mary Buhrt. Many of our OLGA golfing friends will be leaving in April and May. We will miss you and wish you all a safe summer. Looking forward to seeing you in the fall. More updates will be in a future issue of the Splash.