OLGA news

Ruth Rees, Publicity

In spite of decorating, baking and hosting for the holiday season, our hardy OLGA golfers gave their all for prestige and prize money in recent weeks.

On December 15, the game was a team game: Gross and Net. Winners were 1st S. Bowditch, L. Thrash, P. D’Amore and Betty Schechter, 2nd (tie) J. Darnell, Dang Teater, J. Clausen and K. Beltz and L. Foerster, B. Lutes, D. Swanson and C. Jones

December 22 featured a new game, Christmas Wish. Every golfer won, which meant there were thirty six first place finishers! Way to go, Santa!

Well, holidays and gifts don’t last forever, so it was back to reality for December 29 when the game was Putts. As expected, some putts fell, and others just wouldn’t drop.

Winners – Flight 1: 1st (tie) R. Hoiby and D. Aiken, 3rd L. Foerster; Flight 2: 1st B. Dinardo, 2nd J. Cody: 3rd (tie) Kieschenbaum, P. D’Amore; Flight 3: 1st (tie) P. Schepp, K. Beltz and J. Skibo

On January 5, only 14 players braved the cold and wet conditions for OLGA’s competition. The game was Low Net; winners were the following: Flight 1: 1st D. Foster, 2nd M. Figgis; Flight 2: 1dy B. Lutes, 2nd J. Kirschenbaum; Flight 3: 1st C. Hughes, 2nd J. Skibo