OLGA Playday Results

Kathy Burns

OLGA continues to be active this summer. On Sept. 14 the POD was Sweet and Sour. In Flight 1, the winner was Sue Pederson. In second place was Eun Yoon, and tied for third were Peggy Cooper, Glo Malmberg, and Gail Moen. Flight 2 winner was Nancy Cohn, and tied for second were Beth Ebmeier and Dang Teater. Linda Thrash won the third flight, and tied for second were Janey Garibay and Debbie Dubie.

Sept. 22 POD was Field Shots. In Flight 1, Mary Perry won first place, followed by Eun Yoon in second. Tied for third were Lynda Gibbs and Barbara Arakelian. Flight 2 winner was Gail Moen. Second was Phyllis D’Amore, and third Beth Ebmeier. Flight 3 winner was Debbie Horner, and tied for second were Linda Thrash and Betty Lauer.

Players could choose Best Front or Back Nine on Sept. 28th. Glo Malmberg and Mary Perry tied for first, and Leslie Smith and Lynda Gibbs tied for third. In Flight 2, Dang Teater placed first. BJ Schuller was second, and Shirley Weaver was third. Flight 3 winner was Debbie Dubie. Second was Joann Rebillard, and tied for third were Janey Garibay and Betty Lauer.

On Oct. 5 the POD was Evens. Flight 1 was won by Leslie Smith. In second place was Gail Moen, and tied for third were Mary Perry, Dang Teater, and Eun Yoon. Flight 2 was won by Joann Rebillard, and tied for second were Shirley Weaver and Sharon Skoworn.

Our vice president, Sharon Skoworn, has announced our annual Charity Tournament, which will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2022. Last year, we donated $4,165 to St. Mary’s Food Bank, paying for 27,000 meals! Mark your calendars for this event. We will be supporting St. Mary’s Food Bank again this year. The entry donation is $25. More information to come on the OLGA website in the near future. Thank you to the ladies of OLGA for their generosity.

Oakwood closed on Oct. 11 for overseeding and will reopen on Nov. 4.