OLGA Recap

Kathy Burns

Poker was the POD on March 15. The winner in Flight 1 was Leslie Smith, and second was Mary Figgis. Tied for third were Eun Yoon and Sharon Bowditch. In Flight 2 Roselyn Hobby was the winner, Dang Teater was second, and Eleanor McCann was third. Flight 3 was won by Terry Jung, Nancy Cohn and Sharon Skoworn tied for second. Barb Anderson won Flight 4, followed by Joann Rebillard in second, and Karen Fager in third. Flight 5 was won by Jo Ann Zerwekh, Susan La Salvia was second, and Dessa Hutchins was third.

March 21-22 were the days for our Member Guest tournament. The theme was Flower Power, and there were 64 teams competing. Lots of great costumes were seen. The horserace was on Monday afternoon. Lunch in the ballroom followed the competition on Tuesday. Winners in Flight 1 were Leslie Smith and Cathy Engen, second place was Marla Dahm and Donna Vroom, and third was Terry Jung and Cha Ousoom. Flight 2 was won by Julie Hastings and Candy Watkinson, second was Mary Perry and Mary Turner, and third was Kay Lehmkuhl and Alyce Todey. Flight 3 winners were Lorraine Blair and Kathy Schnell, followed by Betty Lauer and JoAnn Johnson in second, and Shirley Weaver and Regan Concepcion in third. Flight 4 was won by Frankie Hatch and Joann Ratliff, second place was won by Linda Thrash and Shelia Junkermeier, and third was Pam Shumard and Gloria Garcia. In Flight 5 the winning team was Barbara Anderson and Martha Oswalt, second place was Joan Triplett and Helene Irvine, and third was Beth Ebmeier and Dixie Berg. Flight 6 winners were Cindy Paskey and Jayne Thielen, second was Colleen Ritter and Debbie Flinn, and third was Karen Beltz and Paula Elbery.

Competition on March 29 was canceled because of rain and cold. However, we were happy to play in the Lads and Lassies on March 31.

An ABCD tournament was on April 5. The team of Cindy Reinertsen, Barbara Anderson, Jan Skibo, and Pamela Powers won first place. Second place was Mary Perry, Joan Lauer, Robin Thomas, and Susan La Salvia. Three teams tied for third. They were Debbie Wood, Sharon Skoworn, Karen Stock, and JoAnn Zerwekh; Leslie Smith, Kathy Burns, Norma Tucker, and blind draw; and Roselyn Hoiby, Linda Thrash, Nancy Cohn, and Karen Beltz.

Many of our winter visitors from Canada and parts beyond will be returning to their summer homes. We wish them safe travels and look forward to having them back in the fall.