OLNGA Flight Winners

Susan Meer

The Oakwood Lady Niners Golf Association started the new decade with a Low Net game on the Sonoran. In spite of some colder weather for Arizonians, a fun time was had by all. A Low Net game was played, and the flight winners were Flight 1: 1st (tie) Joyce Parker and Bonnie Tasch, 2nd Kathy Chebuhar; Flight 2: 1st Colleen Dude, 2nd Carol Lorenz, 3rd Tuny O’Rourke; Flight 3: 1st Lynn Matassarin, 2nd Hazel Ludwig, 3rd Dottie Meade.

We would like to welcome four new members since December: Lynn Matassarin, Pam Matassarin, Kathryn Pfeffer, and Linda Snyder. Applications for membership are available in the Oakwood Pro Shop. We welcome both new and experienced golfers. We play every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. during the winter months.

Chip-Ins and Birdies winners for the fall months of November, December, and January play were as follows: Winners for Chip-Ins were Georgeanne Bell, Ila Kraayenbrink, Linda Liberti, Bonnie Tasch, Joyce Parker, and Kathryn Pfeffer. Winners for Birdies were Ila Kraayenbrink, Colleen Duke, and Judy Aldridge.

We wish you all a Happy 2020 New Year filled with fun and golf.