Palo Verde Men’s Golf Association

Jeff French

PVMGA September play included fun events, including a Select-A-Drive, a flighted Individual Stableford scoring event where players are awarded points based on their net score for each hole, which encourages players to keep trying even when they aren’t playing well overall, because they know they’ll get something in the end. The last two weeks of the month included a postable 1 Gross + 1 Net team event and a 2 Net Best Ball team event.

Sept. 3 Select-A-Drive

1st: Christian Stokes, Marty Neilson, Don Hicks, Jeff Martin

2nd: Bud Murray, Fred Townsend, Chuck Carothers, blind draw

Sept. 10 Stableford Net

Flight 1: 1st Danny Jetton (34); 2nd Ron Cox, Marko Sowa (26);

Flight 2: 1st James Granzow, 2nd Phil Hollevoet, 3rd Ken Nelson

Sept. 17 1 Gross + 1 Net BB

1st: Jack Hill, Danny Jetton, Jeff French, Ken Nelson (116)

2nd: Terry Denefe, Ron Cox, Rick Nelson, Joe Lombardo (117)

3rd: Peter Gorman,  Fred Townsend, Glen Harry, blind draw

Sept. 24 2 Net Best Balls

1st: Terry Denefe, Rick Nelson, Phil Hollevoet, Dick Haynes

2nd: Christian Stokes, Julian Pickens, James Granzow, Ken Nelson

3rd: Gary Whiting, Tom Rainville, Arve Moser, Gary Zahnow