Palo Verde Roads Update

Mark Brauer

Our Spring 2022 work is done. You will notice that the scope was condensed from our April Splash article and our Homeowners letter by two-thirds. All work from San Tan Boulevard on Ribbonwood/Michigan to the Michigan gate was deferred.

With the surface applications deferral, the board elected to invest more in removing and repaving Ribbonwood from San Tan south to the drainage swale south of Sunnydale. With the cost of oil and gasoline soaring in late March, the board had locked in pre-war paving rates. Fearing that the 2023 asphalt and paving rates, which are dependent on oil and worker labor prices, plus inflation, would rise significantly, we elected to pave all we could afford in 2022.

The board this past month also completed an inventory of street and traffic signage. That inventory will form the basis of bids for signage replacement in the future.

The board also completed a road rating of all 11.2 miles in Palo Verde. The plan is to continue to maintain and update that rating and use it as a tool for preparing a multi-year capital project plan outline.

Finally, the board is also now at “full strength” with a full nine members.

We hope you like the new Ribbonwood paving from San Tan to Sunnydale. Should you have any positive encouragement, questions, or concerns, please email Mark Brauer at [email protected].