Patio Pundits of East Crystal Drive

Howard Rudge, Ed Lamers, Art Clark, and John Forsyth

A pundit has been defined as a catalyst, commentator, or guru, or an analyst and expert. No matter the definition, Sun Lakes has an abundance of potential pundits.

For over 20 years, the Patio Pundits of East Crystal Drive have been working on solutions to local, national, and world problems.

Suggestions for starting your own Patio Pundits:

Age: 75 minimum

Education: High school, college, advanced degree. All contribute their unique perspectives.

Backgrounds: The more diverse, the better the solutions.

Agenda: Be unique, set your own.

Location: A clean patio. Hosting is another reason to tidy up.

Refreshments: Coffee, bring your own. Goodies, optional.