Pool tournament winners

Gary Vacin

Jack Hill and Jerry Cisneros came out on top in the Lucky Shot Pool Club’s fall tournament.

Hill defeated Cisneros to win Pocket 1 in 9-Ball, while Cisneros topped the field to capture the title in 9-Ball. Both players qualify for the club’s year-end championship playoff.

Top three finishers in the fall tournament follow:

9-Ball Pocket 1 – 1st Jack Hill, 2nd Jerry Cisneros, 3rd Jeff Michelin

9-Ball Pocket 2 – 1st “Jersey Mike” Giarlo, 2nd Ernie Gabbs, 3rd Loren Boulanger

8-Ball Pocket 1 – 1st Jerry Cisneros, 2nd Tom Ferris, 3rd Jack Hill

8-Ball Pocket 2 – 1st J.R. Scheidereiter, 2nd Roy Partridge, 3rd Brian Claflin

8-Ball Pocket 3 – 1st Loren Boulanger, 2nd Ernie Gabbs, 3rd Stan Hight

8-Ball Pocket 4 – 1st Gary Vacin, 2nd Al Moore, 3rd Jim Perrault

8-Ball Pocket 5 – 1st John McHugh, 2nd Jerry Becker, 3rd Patrick Schindele

Players who finished first in their respective pockets moved up to the next higher pocket when the winter tournament began January 1. Players who finished last moved down to the next lower pocket.

The club has one additional tournament running from March 1 to April 10, plus two summer tournaments beginning June 1 and August 1. Players interested in participating are urged to contact Joe Igelmund, club president, at 415-302-1559.