Practice Bridge at Cottonwood Country Club

There’s a “practice game,” which literally is that. It takes place on Friday mornings in the Ladies Card Room, near the fountain, next to the library at Cottonwood.

I believe it was originally set up for people taking classes to practice new concepts to play and gain confidence. Being a walk-in game, it varies from one or two tables, up to any number of players from week to week. When we have odd numbers of players, we play four hands and then round robin other players in, so everyone gets to play.

There is a couple who drives up from Maricopa almost every week. Several of us from local classes play there most weeks. A few players haven’t taken classes but are brushing up before playing in a regular group.

This bunch meets from about 9:30 a.m. to noon or so, and you are welcome to drop in to check us out. As long as there are at least four of us, we play all year round. Want more info? Call 916-812-8151.