PV Ladies May finish line


Liz DeMichael, Publicity

There were cars, horses and other sports racing to the finish line in May. The Palo Verde Ladies Golf Association (PVLGA) concentrated on racing to post some great scores in May.

5/1 and 5/8. Match Play. Through the early history of golf, most tournaments were played as “match” play as opposed to “stroke” play. In match play, the golfer earns a point for each hole in which she has bested her opponent. If the player wins more points than the person she is playing, she moves on to the next round. The PVLGA played a match play golf tournament over two weeks. You have to be very good to make it all the way to the end of both rounds! The match play winners were Flight 1 Penny Nowicki, Flight 2 Julie Curran, Flight 3 Mary Martz, Flight 4 Pat McRoberts, Flight 5 Susie Buell, Flight 6 Kathy Jones, Flight 7 Shirley Trusal. Tough tournament – great Champions!

5/15. 6-6-6 Luck of the Draw. All 18 holes were played as a scramble, but it wasn’t that simple. The first drive used on the first six holes was selected out of a hat (luck of the draw). The second six holes was played as a Step-a-Side so the person whose drive was used could not play the second shot. The final six holes were played as a regular scramble. The winning teams were First: Jo Ann Crook, Linda Grendahl, Dolores Mahaffey and Marj Rasmussen (34.25); Second: Jan Hawkes, Zara Logan, Pat Schultz and Rosemary Shutts (38.25) and Third: Cindy Bosch, Diana DePree, Jody Heiman and Nelda Machutus (39.25). Well done, ladies!

5/22. Low Net. The PVLGA played a Low Net Tournament which allows the players handicap to be deducted from their final score. The winners were Flight 1: Jo Crook (51), Jan Nelson (58) and Jan Hawkes, Mary Nelson and Billie Seiberling (tied – 60); Flight 2: Linda Carr (54), Susie Buell, Sandy Chavez and Carolyn Tagatz (tied – 59); Flight 3: Shirley Trusal (55), Pat Kreiling (58) and Carole Elliott (60).

5/29. Best Nine Holes. Each player chose the “best 9” holes of the 18 they played during the last tournament of the month. The scores on the holes chosen, minus half of their handicap, determined the winners. The format didn’t help this writer. But we had some great winners – Flight 1: Gwen Curtis (17), Jan Nelson (19.5) and Carol Ruff (20); Flight 2: Kathy Bushbaum (16.5), Ginger Henry and Jan Stuckey (tied – 17.5); Flight 3: Wanda Wiggins (16), Dolores Mahaffey (16.5) and Rita Raymond (17.5).