PVLGA Elects New Officers

Left to right: Secretary Florence Wright, Treasurer Linda Grendahl, Vice President Bonnie Moore, and President Cindy Ryan

Susan Lamb

The Palo Verde Ladies Golf Association (PVLGA) has elected officers for 2022. They were installed at our annual Christmas Luncheon and Scramble on Dec. 14. They are President Cindy Ryan, Vice President Bonnie Moore, Treasurer Linda Grendahl, and Secretary Florence Wright. We are all looking forward to a safe and enjoyable new year.

Dec. 14 Results: Christmas Scramble

The first-place team was Bonnie Moore, Diane French, Carol Healy, and Sharon Fratiello. There was a three-way tie for second place: the team of Cindy Ryan, Zara Logan, Mary Mentone, and Carolyn Leneway; the team of Jan Nelson, Denise Orthen, Diana Ridd, and Kay Berner; and the team of Mary Fitzke, Anita Barber, Teresa Roark, and Lois Fitzsimmons.

Dec. 21 Results: T’s and F’s

Flight 1: 1st Tammy Visser, 2nd Paddy Newton, 3rd Val Verbeck; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Christine Lecoutre and Donna Purcell, 3rd Billie Seiberling; Flight 3: 1st Diana Ridd, 2nd Kathy Ivesdal, 3rd (tie) Shirley Edmiston, Anita Hopkins, and Janet Kavran

Dec. 28 Results: Low Net

Flight 1: 1st Val Verbeck, 2nd Mary Nelson, 3rd (tie) Cindy Ryan and Bonnie Moore; Flight 2: 1st Dolores Allard, 2nd Sherri Butler, 3rd Tracy Thornock; Flight 3: 1st Sandy Chavez, 2nd Jennifer Pender, 3rd Pat Shultz.

Jan. 4 Results: Pro’s Choice

Flight 1: 1st Patty Assante, 2nd Rachel Rainville, 3rd Paddy Newton; Flight 2: 1st Billie Seiberling, 2nd Denise Orthen, 3rd Christine Lecoutre; Flight 3: 1st Rose Hames, 2nd Sandy Chavez, 3rd (tie) Shirley Trusal and Julie Lutostanski. Afternoon results: Flight 1: 1st Dee Monsonis, 2nd (tie) Penny Flynn and Tammy Bailey; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Diana Ridd and Cheryl Kopacz, 3rd Lisa Mahoric