PVLGA Ending 2019 and Starting 2020 with Joy and Excitement

2020 PVLGA Board (left to right): Elaine Isaacson, treasurer; Val Verbeck, vice president; Julie Curran, president; Diana Ridd, secretary

2020 PVLGA Board (left to right): Elaine Isaacson, treasurer; Val Verbeck, vice president; Julie Curran, president; Diana Ridd, secretary

Christine Lecoutre

Getting out there and working off all those holiday parties made our December golf worthwhile.

On Dec. 3, the game was T & F, meaning only holes starting with these letters count, hence the remarkably low scores.

On Dec. 10, all members—lots of them in festive garb—were treated to a salad and lasagna lunch. The game was a modified scramble. The selection of the drive was left to chance which made the game a little more fun. As it was a team effort, there were lots of winners, too many to name here. The highlight of the lunch was the introduction of the executive board: President Julie Curran, Vice President Val Verbeck, Secretary Diana Ridd, Treasurer Elaine Isaacson, Advisor Jan Nelson. Many other players volunteered to be on the board in different capacities and were also recognized at the event.

On Dec. 17, only the front nine counted. There were six winners in each flight.

On Dec. 31, only the most-dedicated golfers showed up. The smart ones stayed home and stayed warm. But the play was fun, with the sun showing up intermittently. We all ended up with remarkable scores, mainly because only the odd holes counted. A few of us ended up in the PV Lounge and started the New Year’s Eve celebration early.

2020 saw the introduction of a new worldwide handicap system and a new app to record scores.

Our first lunch meeting was well attended, and the introduction of a new charity endeavor was announced. Under the “PVLGA cares” motto, a new charity endeavor, spearheaded by Wanda Johnson, was presented. One week per month, the 50/50 will be replaced by a collection to benefit a local charity. The first charity chosen is The Perfect Place which provide day care for adults. Wanda will also organize the next cancer tournament scheduled for Nov. 17, 2021.

As our December and January articles had to be combined, there is no room to report games and winners for January.

As a reminder, information about our Tuesday league can be found on our website, PVLGA.com, including the weekly results. The Palo Verde Ladies’ lounge also has information about our upcoming events and signup sheets. Our games and special events are also on the calendar that you received from the Pro Shop when you signed up.

If you are not yet part of our league, come and join the fun. All you need is a handicap and a check. Stop by the Palo Verde Pro Shop, and they will fill you in. You can choose to buy a yearly membership, pay your green fees as you go, or buy a punch card. We do make it easy to join.

Our top fun event, the Member/Guest, is happening on March 17. Come on and join us as we are Shamrockin’ on the green.