PVLGA golfers were hot in January


Liz DeMichael, Publicity

The Palo Verde Ladies Golf Association (PVLGA) posted some hot scores in January!

1/02. Crier’s Tournament. Not many ladies were crying when they got to throw out their worst three scores and take par on those holes. The morning winners were Flight #1: Diane Kruse and Jan Stuckey (51 – tied) and Carol Ruff (52); Flight #2: Marilyn Lloyd (48), Carolyn Agre (49) and Marsha Deuel and Florence Wright (52 – tied); Flight #3: Wanda Wiggins (43), Carolyn Griffis (46) and Liz DeMichael and Kathy Jones (50 – tied). The afternoon winners were Flight #1: Sherry Manier (52), Kathryn Campbell, Penny Nowicki and Gail Wooldridge (53); Flight #2: Carole Elliott and Kathy Ivesdal (49 – tied) and Susie Buell and Anita Hopkins (50 – tied).

1/09. Odds & Evens. The combined am/pm winners were First: Sharon Eisenzimmer, Nancy Howell, Elaine Isaacson and Shirley Truasl (120); Second: Noella Bannister, Lois Fitzsimmons, Rose Hames and Donna Purcell (122); Third: Carolyn Griffis, Mary Martz and Barb Smith tied with Jo Ann Hegel, Jody Heiman, Kathy Ivesdal and Penny Nowicki (130 – tied).

1/16. Pro’s Choice. Only holes #1, #4, #5, #8, #9, #11, #14, #16 and #18 counted toward the final scores. The morning winners were Flight #1: Vallerie Verbeck (27.5), Penny Nowicki (28.5) and Diane Kruse and Jan Nelson (29.5 – tied); Flight #2: Elaine Isaacson (24), Lee Sonderman (24.5) and Sandy Chavez (25.5); Flight #3: Pat Schultz (28), Carolyn Griffis (28.5) and Cathy Kinnick (29). The afternoon winners were Flight #1: Kathy Ivesdal (29.5), Florence Wright (30) and Vanessa Heimgartner and Sherry Manier (30.5 – tied); Flight #2: Marie Hargus and Wanda Wiggins (30 – tied) and Naomi Bryson (30.5).

1/23. Member-Member Scramble. The winners were First: Carol Healy, Mary Horn, Jan Stuckey and Christy Thomas (34.75); Second: Naomi Bryson, Linda Carr, Elaine Isaacson and Sherry Manier (36); Third: Three teams tied with a score of 36.25: 1) Phyllis Chase, Liz DeMichael, Zara Logan and Jan Nelson; 2) Marie Hargus, Christine Lecoutre, Bonnie Moore and Vallerie Verbeck; 3) Karen Bailey, Marsha Deuel, Paula Elbery and Glenna Twing.

1/30. PV Combo. The combined am/pm winners were Flight #1: Carol Ruff (22), Bonnie Moore and Barb Smith (23 – tied); Flight #2: Anita Barber (21), Jane Lewis (24), Sherri Butler and Sherry Manier (24.5 – tied); Flight #3: Phyllis Chase (21.5), Rose Hames (22.5) and Susan Lamb, Mary Martz and Lee Sonderman (23.5 – tied); Flight #4: Carolyn Griffis (22.5), Leslie Swan (23.5) and Noella Bannister and Marsha Deuel (24 – tied); Flight #5: Shirley Trusal (22.5), Rita Raymond (23.5) and Karen Heitman and Wanda Wiggins (24 – tied).

2017-18 East Valley Executive Team Play. They did it again! PVLGA won the East Valley Executive Team Play for the fourth year in a row in match play against Ironwood, Sun Lakes 1 and SunBird. The team included Carole Guild, Rose Hames, Mary Horn, Nancy Howell, Joan Irwin, Bonnie Moore, Paddy Newton, Carol Ruff, Cindy Bosch (co-captain) and Colleen Mitchell (captain). Congratulations, ladies!