Mary Nelson

Jan. 12 Results – 3 Clubs and a Putter: Flight 1: 1st Mary Fitkze, 2nd Donna Purcell, 3rd Dolores Allard; Flight 2: 1st Jane Lewis, 2nd (tie) Pat Tjosvold and Sandy Chavez; Flight 3: 1st Diana Ridd, 2nd Elaine Isaacson, 3rd (tie) Sharon Freeman, Ginger Mays, and Mary La Tourelle; Flight 4: 1st Rose Hames, 2nd Alice Barber, 3rd (tie) Shirley Trusal and Roz Pederson

Jan. 19 Results – Miami Scramble: 1st Place Team: Barb Almond, Julie Curran, Diana Ridd, and a Blind Draw; 2nd Place Team: Paddy Newton, Becky Commisto, Julie Lutostanski, and Sue Green; 3rd Place Team: Tammy Viser, Jan Stuckey, Mary Mentone, and a Blind Draw

Feb. 2 Results – Stableford: Flight 1: 1st Paddy Newton, 2nd (tie) Rachel Rainville and Val Verbeck; Flight 2: 1st Diane Kruse, 2nd Penny Flynn, 3rd Jane Lewis; Flight 3: 1st Christine Lecourte, 2nd Marilyn Lloyd, 3rd Alice Barber; Flight 4: 1st Roz Pederson, 2nd Paula Elbery, 3rd Sharon Fratiello

Feb. 9 Results – Designated Holes 2, 5, 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, and 15.: Flight 1: 1st Tammy Visser, 2nd Penny Flynn, 3rd (tie) Mary Fitzke and Tammy Bailey; Flight 2: 1st Dolores Allard, 2nd Julie Curran, 3rd (tie) Gail Wooldridge and Sandy Chavez; Flight 3: 1st Karen Evans, 2nd Kathy Smith, 3rd Fran Kelly and Susan Lamb; Flight 4: 1st Paula Elbery, 2nd Beth Johnston, 3rd Mary Mentone

Presidents Cup Feb. 16 and 23 Overall Champion Becky Commisto: Flight 1: 1st Bonnie Moore, 2nd (tie) Mary Nelson and Billie Seiberling; Flight 2: 1st Penny Flynn, 2nd Tammy Bailey, 3rd Jane Lewis; Flight 3: 1st Diana Ridd, 2nd (tie) Belen Wilson, Sandy Chavez, and Elaine Isaacson; Flight 4: 1st Mary Mentone, 2nd Marcia Smith, 3rd Dolores Mahaffey

March 2 Results -ONES: Flight 1: 1st Carole Guild, 2nd Mary Horn, 3rd Mary Fiztke; Flight 2: 1st Dolores Allard, 2nd Pat Tjosvold, 3rd (tie) Tammy Visser, Jane Lewis, Jan Nelson, and Diane Kruse; Flight 3: 1st (tie) Christine Lecourte and Elaine Isaacson, 3rd Belen Wilson; Flight 4: 1st Roz Pederson, 2nd (tie) Beth Johnson and Dolores Mahaffey

March 9 Results – Modified Best Ball: 1st (tie) Val Verbeck, Diane French, Sharon Eisenzimmer, and Shirley Trusal and Jan Nelson; Patsy Siegismund, Susan Lamb, and Sandra Labute; 3rd (tie) Mary Nelson, Phyllis Chase, Shirley Edmiston, and Lori Denapoli; Rachel Rainville, Anita Hopkins, Diana Ridd, and a blind draw; Shelley Heberlein, Janet Quade, Rose Hames, and Karen Ryan