Mary Nelson

May 4, 11, and Final Round Match Play Results:

Flight 1: Champion Billie Seiberling, Runner-up Patti Hegenbarth, Semi’s Mary Nelson and Carole Guild, Consolation Winner Mary Fitzke, Consolation Runner-up Tracy Rice; Flight 2: Champion Jo Crook, Runner-up Jan Nelson, Semi’s Lucsa Buzbee and Diane French, Consolation Winner Pat Tjosvold, Consolation Runner-up Sherri Butler; Flight 3: Champion Jan Stuckey, Runner-up Phyllis Chase, Semi’s Kathy Bushbaum and Julie Curran, Consolation Winner Becky Commisto, Consolation Runner-up Kathy Smith; Flight 4: Champion Sharon Freeman, Runner-up Lisa Mohoric, Semi’s Ginger Henry, Consolation Winner Karen Evan, Consolation Runner-up Vicki Bottiglieri; Flight 5: Champion Dee Czaja, Runner-up Mary Mentone, Semi’s Sandra Labute and Fran Kelly, Consolation Winner Belen Wilson, Consolation Runner-up Janis Bazzill; Flight 6: Champion Noella Bannister, Runner-up Shirley Trusal, Semi’s Kay Berner, Consolation Winner Wanda Wiggins, Consolation Runner-up Lorie Denapoli

May 18 Scramble Results: 1st Place Team: Tammy Visser, Jan Stuckey, Shirley Trusal, and Rose Hames; 2nd Place Team: Cindy Bosch, Zara Logan, Judy Hester, and Karen Ryan; 3rd Place Teams: (tie) Mary Fitzke, Anita Barber, Carol Healy, and Judy Daidone/Cindy Ryan, Carolyn Hoffland, Susan Lamb, and Kay Berner/Colleen Mitchell, Dee Monsonis, Jo Ann Hicks, and Noella Bannister

May 25 Half & Half Results:

Flight 1: 1st Mary Fitzke, 2nd Bonnie Moore, 3rd Mary Nelson; Flight 2: 1st Susan Lamb, 2nd Fran Kelly, 3rd Sandy Chavez; Flight 3: 1st Paula Elbery, 2nd Dee Czaja, 3rd Sandra Labute

June 1 Fun Day Nine Hole Results: 1st Place Team: Bonnie Moore, Mary Horn, Fran Kelly, and Sharon Fratiello; 2nd Place Team: Patti Heganbarth, Gwen Curtis, Cindy Dawson, and Kay Berner; 3rd Place Team: Jan Nelson, Kathy Bushbaum, Marsha Deuel, and Lorri Denapoli

June 8 2-Lady Blind Draw Partners:

Flight 1: 1st (tie) Tammy Visser and Alice Barber, Fran Kelly and Blind Draw; 3rd (tie) Shirley Edmiston and Kathy Smith, Jan Stuckey and Christy Thomas, Mary Nelson and Orther Nenise; Flight 2: 1st Julie Curran and Naomi Bryson; 2nd Elaine Isaacson and Wanda Wiggins; 3rd (tie) Val Verbeck and Sue Green, Carole Guild and Linda Davis, Becky Commisto and Judy Daidone

June 9 Summer League Results Select a Drive 2 Net Best Balls: 1st Place Team: Bonnie Moore, Sue Lasalvia, Betty Reagan, and a Blind Draw; 2nd Place Team: Leslie Smith, Mary Nelson, Cathy Lamothe, and Sue Green; 3rd Place Team: Lynda Gibbs, Val Verbeck, Pinky Kubiak, and Paula Elbery (Note: The top three teams scored a 93 and were awarded places based on tie-breaks.)