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Carol Myers, 2016 Club Champion Carol Myers, 2016 Club Champion

Janet Baron, Publicity Chairman

3/01. Fewest putts was the name of the game. We are all (without a doubt) familiar with the difficult and challenging greens at PV. Intense caution was implemented with each and every putt. The first flight winners were Tammy Visser, Mary Fitzke and Donna Purcell. Lee Sondermann and Linda Reber were the second flight winners and in the third flight Ann Triquart, Susan Lamb and Laverne Becker tied for 3rd.

3/08 and 15. Participants in the club championship were in an upbeat mood this particular morning. The following week we had another chance in the second round to show significant improvement in our two week play for the championship. Carol Myers is our 2016 club champion with a score of 143. The winners in the first flight were Paddy Newton, Carol Guild and Ann Hammond; the winners in the second flight were Mary Fitzke, Jan Hawks and Lucsa Buzbee. Diane Kruse, Lee Sonderman and Susan Lamb were winners in the third flight.

3/22. The member/guest tournament was extremely popular this year. We experienced a long waiting list of willing participants. Flight one gross winners were Paddy Newton and Lorie O’Neil; the first flight winners were Dolly Schaedel and Pam Kankel. The second flight gross winners were Joan Irwin and Rita Healy. The third flight gross winners were Gail Wooldridge and Pat Best. The net winners were Paula Elberry and Karen Beltz. The gross winners in flight four were Diana Depree and Rachelle Wilson, net winners, Kathy Jones and Faith Martin. The luncheon was enjoyed by all, our pros were (as usual) a big supporting help to us. The money prizes satisfied all who played their best and after hours of fun, hit and miss were deserving of their dollars.

3/29. Beat the pro. We all (except two) beat the pro; that day the wind was extremely gusty and with a long hitter like Greg, the ball was steered off course many times. We had fun and look forward to beating him again next year! We hope that is okay with you Greg; maybe the wind will be out of control again and we will have another chance. That’s all for now; our temperatures are rising and our earlier tee times on Tuesday will move up soon.