PVMGA playday results

Bob Armstrong, Publicity

Our intrepid competitors at Palo Verde continue to tee off on Saturday mornings despite having to face, day after day, the relentless sunshine of the Arizona summer!

They all deserve recognition, but we have to report the victors – and they were:

On June 11, a Three Net Best Ball event was won with a score of 159 by Michael Tennant, Terry Cronin, Bob Lawson and Ivan Shaw

On June 18, a Select-a-Drive contest was handily won with a score of 134 by Gene Wenger, Bill Dwyer, Jeff Martin and Bill Saxton

On July 2, two foursomes tied a Two Best Balls Net battle with scores of 97: John Almond, Bill Dwyer, Tony Forbes and Budd Livingstone; and Ed Johnson, Ron Crabtree, Norm Elbery and Jeff Martin

On July 9, the Two-Man Alternate Shot winners were: Flight 1: Bob Mansfield and Tony Huffman (score: 58-1/2); Flight 2: Bob Timms and Bob Elliott (score: 56)

We have more toasty summer morning events scheduled for August, including:

August 6: Two Best Balls Net

August 13: Scramble

We would like to invite inquiries at 480-895-0300 from those interested in fun, informal competitions and/or just-for-fun golf outings, followed by ice-cold beverages in a well-staffed air-conditioned Clubhouse Grille.