CMGA posts scores

Results of recent events:

6/04. Ace of Aces – Flight 1 Gross: 1st Paul Brauer, 2nd Kim Barnes, 3rd Jim Dubow and Steve Schneck; Flight 1 Net: 1st Paul Brauer, 2nd Gerry Rooney, Kim Barnes and Jim Dubow; Flight 2 Gross: 1st Dennis Bockelman, 2nd Bill Mazejko and Paul Graebke; Flight 2 Net: 1st Bill Mazejko, 2nd Paul Graebke and Dennis Bockelman; Flight 3 Gross: 1st Les Blaylock, 2nd Rick Nelson, 3rd David Heath; Flight 3 Net: 1st Les Blaylock, 2nd Rick Nelson, 3rd Gerald Brock and Julian Pickens; Flight 4 Gross: 1st Jack Wortley, 2nd Terrence Cronin, 3rd Tom Rhea; Flight 4 Net: 1st Terence Cronin, 2nd Tom Rhea and Jim Rahilly

6/11. Two Man Select a Drive – Flight 1: 1st Steve Martz and Steve Schneck, 2nd Kim Barnes and Rick Skitt, 3rd Grady Anderson and Jim Crandel; Flight 2: 1st Larry Frink and Les Blaylock, 2nd Jerry Johnston and Tim Lamb, Tom Wilhelm and Stan Gross; Flight 3: 1st Phil Lucas and David Marcus, 2nd Ralph Annen and Brad Wilson, 3rd Tom Reese and Francis Sweet, William Irwin and Norm Ruffing

6/18. Two Man Alternate Shot – Flight 1: 1st Paul Brauer and Rusty Williams, 2nd Larry Frink and Walt Nowici, 3rd Bill Moore and Dennis Bockelman; Flight 2: 1st Jim Crandal and Steve Martz, 2nd Jack Wortley and Peter Gorman, 3rd Ray Osborne and Jack Voight; Flight 3: 1st Bill Jablonski and Tom Rhea, Terrence Cronin and Bob Schrote, 3rd Gerald Brock and Earl Whiteman, Ralph Annen and Phil Lucan, Richard Glashan and Norman Boyd

6/25. CottonVerde Beat the Pro – Everyone had fun

Upcoming events:

August 6: Ace of Aces Qualifying

August 13: ABCD Three Best Balls

August 20: Cross Country

August 27: Two Man Scramble