It’s coming, it’s coming: IronOaks Breakers Pool League annual championships

David “The Godfather” Mork, Chairman of the IronOaks Breakers Pool League

The league’s fifth annual Championships are planned for November 8-12 in the IronOaks Billiard Room, which hopefully will be completely remodeled concurrent with the remodeling of the Oakwood Clubhouse restaurant, bar and lobby. There will be 16 players vying in the 8-Ball Championship, and based on the current qualifiers, at least 16 in the 9-Ball Championship Rounds. During the six seasonal Mini-Tournaments played by members of the IronOaks Breakers Pool League, the 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place winners are automatically entered into the seeding pool of qualifiers for each of the respective year end tournaments. Each of the qualifiers are seeded based on their rack/playing ability. The league membership has now nearly reached our goal of 50 active members. Not all of the player/members have decided to play in the six Mini-Tournaments, as they “have other things that get in the way of playing competitive pool” during the year, which is the reason that there are only 16 qualified players who are entered into each of the Year End Tournaments.34

There is still time to join the league and qualify to play in the Year End Tournaments. Our final dates for the 2015-2016 seasonal Mini-Tournaments are Season Five – August 1 and play will end the 12th of September; Season Six – September 19 and play will end the 31st of October. Those who will be seeded at or near the top of the double elimination brackets will have won 1st place or 2nd place in Rack One, several times during the year, while those who have won 1st, 2nd or 3rd in Rack Two will be seeded lower than those in Rack 1, and so on, and using their win/loss ratio during the year. The events are scheduled to begin on November 8 and will conclude with the 9-Ball Championship on Saturday, November 12, in the late morning, and the final Championship 8-Ball match to be played on that afternoon. This will be our leagues fifth annual Championships, and, as the Champion from 2015 in both 8 and 9-Ball, Sam Gilman, has returned to his native state of Kansas during this league year, there will be a new Champion’s name on the plaques in the Billiard Room for 2016! Our annual Potluck is booked for November 6, hopefully, at the Poolside Café, but this is yet to be confirmed by the SLHOA3 staff due to the remodeling project. At that event, our members not only get to meet and greet the spouses and significant others of the other players over cocktails and dinner, but the highlight is the unveiling of the 8 and 9-Ball Championship Seeded Brackets along with the tournament start times, dates and table assignments, which are then known to all members. Plan to be there to watch your fellow SLHOA3 members compete or come over to see the plaques for the past championships and photos of the members! Now, let’s play pool!