PVMGA Results for April Golf

Jim Roberts, Publicity

With April came the continuation of the COVID-19 precautions with the challenges for social distancing. Everyone was able to use their own golf cart, but there were no shotgun starts, so it took most of the day to get all of the game participants’ rounds completed. But we still had a great time being outdoors, playing with our friends in a game we love (or at least like).

On April 4, a low net score flighted competition was played. In Flight 1, the winner was Dan Ashley followed by John Mitchell in second and a three-way tie for third between John Kane, Mike Lorimer, and Daryl Ramseyer. Flight 2 was won by Vic Lesch, with Rick Nelson in second and Lee Brechtel in third. The flight 3 winner was Mike Mlynarczyk. John Byczko finished second, and Pete Gorman was third. The 4th flight was won by Tom Jeub, with Bob Butt and Ken Nelson tied for second. Flight 5 was won by Jason Haynes. Richard Kool finished second, and Gary Zahnow was third. A big congratulations goes to Lee Brechtel, who got a hole-in-one on number 15. Woo-hoo!

On April 11, another flighted low net game was held. In flight 1, Gary Whiting was the winner, followed by Dick Howell in second, and Dave Florence in third. Flight 2 was won by Mike Rufert, with Tom Gartner in second. There was a three-way tie for third place between Mike Mlynarczyk, Tom Jones, and Don Hicks. There was a tie for flight 3 winner between Jeff Michelin and Phil Hollevoet. Fred Townsend finished in third place. Flight 4 was won by Richard Kool. Jim Roberts finished second (oh yeah) and a tie for third between Chuck Carothers, Vaughn Torgusen, and Dick Thomas.

On April 11 and 18, there was the annual match play flighted tournament. There were a total of 8 flights. The first flight champion was Pat Conroy, with Bob Brabant runner-up. Semi-final winners were Dan Ashley and Gary Whiting.

The second flight champion was Tom Rainville, with John Kane runner-up. Semi-final winners were Brandon Jones and Rick Nelson. The champion of the third flight was Tom Gartner, with C.W. Rollins as runner-up. The semi-final winners were James Granzow and Dennis Bockelman.

The fourth flight champion was Myron Irwin. Pete Gorman was runner-up, and the semi-final winners were John Byczko and Brad Buell. The fifth flight champion was Cliff Joyes. Terry Kohler was runner-up. Tom Jones and Tony Garrett were semi-final winners.

Dennis Grendahl was the sixth flight champion, with Vaughn Torgusen runner-up. The semi-final winners were Tom Jeub and Gerald Brock. The seventh flight champion was Gary Zahnow. Terry Cronin was runner-up, and Arny Pinsley and Keith Wilson were semi-final winners. The eighth flight champion was Al Mattern, with Jay Hamlin runner-up. Bob Keltz and Jim Roberts were semi-final winners.

So, as you can see, there was a full round of golfing activities in April, in spite of the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic presented. We are very fortunate to be able to get out in nice weather and get some exercise. A big thank you to the PV professionals Greg Tokash, John Griglak, and Joey Forsythe for all the work they do, especially during these challenging times!

I wish everyone a safe and healthy summer with fun times and no illness.