Race Walking gold medals

Eva Vogelsang wins two gold medals!

Eva Vogelsang wins two gold medals!

On February 20, Eva got two Gold Medals in the 1500 Meter Race Walking and the 5000 Meter Race Walking event in the Arizona Senior Olympics. There were no other competitors in her age group. The 5000 meters was tough on her since 85 degrees heat in the dessert sun and being watched by four race walking judges for proper form, took a lot out of her. The fire department medics were on standby.

The Senior Olympics are in age groups of five years. Eva is in the 85 to 89 group. Not too many compete in this age bracket.

Eva trained for many months about four days a week and averages 8 KM a day.

Certified judges watch to make sure the competitors have proper form and do not run. They can get two warnings and after three they are DQ’ed, meaning disqualified.

The medal winners qualify for the U.S. Nationals and the World Championships. Eva qualified.

In the major events they also have medical judges who make sure the walkers showing signs of distress are taken out of the race. They also have trained medics at all events to help racers in distress.