Rangers Install New Treasurer

Roy Stanifer

Michael Berry

Roy Stanifer was voted treasurer with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in Sun Lakes Ranger Company 31 last month. In addition to being treasurer, he is currently serving as a firearms range master and field training officer. Roy regularly patrols our Sun Lakes communities and works other Ranger details throughout the State of Arizona.

Roy, born and raised in both Arizona and California, works full time as part of a Valley Police Department’s Command Staff as the Director of the Police Technical Services Bureau. He is responsible for the oversight of Police Communications, Records, Property & Evidence, Towing/Impound, and Police Business Services.

After graduating high school, Roy joined the Chandler Police Department as a 9-1-1 police and fire dispatcher where he served for nearly 10 years. While in Chandler, Roy became a nationally-certified field training officer and state-certified as a general law enforcement instructor. He served eight years as a communications training officer, teaching new dispatchers and call-takers in both a classroom setting and one-on-one at a dispatch console. Roy is currently working on his bachelor’s degree in public administration and administration of justice studies.

Roy enjoys the sense of fulfillment and positive feeling you have at the end of each day when you have done something positive for someone else. “I know that what we do as Rangers has a positive impact on our communities and the citizens we serve. There is no better feeling than that.”

In addition to his full-time job and volunteer activities, Roy co-owns and operates a private firearms training company where he specializes in Arizona Concealed Carry permits and defensive firearms training. He also enjoys road trips, camping, fishing, bowling, and playing pool. If you would like more information about the Arizona Rangers-Sun Lakes Company, contact them at [email protected].