Reach Out Sun Lakes Helps Feed the Hungry

Ellen Engel

I received an email from Matthew’s Crossing letting me know that they have been receiving an uptick in donations from Sun Lakes. Our groups, the Bridge Club, Democratic Club, Unity Church, and Jewish Community are emailing their members to remind them about the need for donations.

At Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank, they see the dignity and value in all people. Their compassion leads them to serve, regardless of why someone may be walking through the doors.

The reality is that the people they serve are just like you and I. We are all just one unfortunate circumstance away from experiencing the burden of food insecurity. Unfortunately, more hunger is coming, and that means Matthew’s Crossing needs our help now more than ever.

Because of the pandemic, all of our collection venues are closed, and Matthew’s Crossing cannot take food. They must buy the food which they can get at a greatly-discounted rate. We encourage everyone to send checks to Matthew’s Crossing directly to 1368 N. Arizona Avenue, Suite 112, Chandler, AZ 85225. The need is unprecedented.

To arrange for us, Reach Out Sun Lakes, to assist your Sun Lakes organization in its support for this very worthwhile program, or for further information, or to volunteer your own personal services, please contact Ellen Engel at 480-980-6841 or [email protected]

Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank also needs volunteers on a regular basis. If this opportunity interests you, please call their volunteer coordinator at 857-2296. For more information on the food bank, check their website,