Red Hat Society News and Events

On April 1 the Valley of the Sun Queen’s Council hosted a 25th Birthday Party for the Red Hat Society (RHS). One hundred twenty-five ladies from Sun Lakes and the Valley attended, dressed in their Red and Purple Hat regalia, filling the Oakwood Country Club ballroom with red and purple colors. What a beautiful sight—so much bling!

There was music for a lot of dancing and so many raffle prizes that were donated by the many chapters of the RHS, I couldn’t count them. Connie Ray of the Desert Cactus Cuties won the 50/50 prize of over $300. The highlight of the day was when Marilyn Cresci, representing the Red Hat Society, presented Ann Crabtree, Queen of the Desert Ya Yas, a red hat proclamation for all the work that she has done for over 20 years. The Queen’s Council went all out making sure that all who attended had a great time.

On June 2 there will be a computer class on how to navigate through the Society website, which will be taught by the Red Hat Society and held in the Oakwood Country Club Library.

Our next big event will be the Queen’s Coronation Ceremony and Luncheon on Saturday, June 3, in the San Tan Ballroom of the Cottonwood Country Club located at 25630 S. Brentwood Drive in Sun Lakes. Doors open at 11:30 a.m., and the lunch is at noon, followed by the ceremony. Tickets are $35 per person.

The menu will consist of a deli buffet with green garden salad, baked ham, roast beef, breast of turkey, fruit salad, potato salad, chicken salad, garnish tray (lettuce, tomato, pickles, sweet onion), rolls (gluten-free rolls will be available), and cupcakes (gluten-free cake will be available). Water and iced tea will be on the tables, and there will be a coffee/lemonade station.

Donna Hempel from Hat Quarters and Marilyn Cresci will be conducting the Coronation Ceremony.

Queens are asked to please notify Judithmary ASAP if you plan to participate in the ceremony, as Hat Quarters will be presenting each Queen with a certificate. Each Queen is to provide her own crown.

Queens will be crowned by her Vice-Queen or someone special. Each Queen is asked to please bring a centerpiece for your table (a prize will be awarded).

This event is for all Queens, Vice-Queens, and chapter members. It is hosted by Judithmary Hobson and Angell Winston-Laub. The Red Hat Society will be coming in to do the ceremony. For further information, please contact Judithmary Hobson at 719-964-1626.

Now, ladies, if you were once a member of the Red Hat Society and have heard about the Society but never took the opportunity to join, this is your chance to join the sisterhood and have fun and laughs getting to know some very interesting ladies. If you have any questions, please call Judithmary Hobson, Queen of the Desert Roses of Sun Lakes, at 719-964-1626 and she will be happy to provide you with information on how easy it is to become a Queen or member of the Red Hat Society.