Reflexology: Listen to Your Feet!

Kathleen Ismael, Hand ‘n’ Foot Reflexology

You’ve heard someone say, “My dogs are barkin’,” and they were not talking about their canine kids!

Your feet have a lot to say about your health. Sometimes you hear them say, “Get off of me.” They bear your weight, keep you balanced, and go wherever you send them. Your hands and your feet are the sensory centers of your body.

And they speak! Are you listening?

There are 7,000 nerve endings in the bottoms of your feet! Your plantar surfaces house a reflex point for every system and organ in your body. And sometimes it takes only a gentle, well-placed pressure point to calm or wake up an organ or system. This sends signals through the body to seek balance and healing.

Every system and organ in your body is intricately connected to work together in harmony. The goal is good health, energy, and optimal function. And then Life happens, and your systems can get “off key.”

Reflexology stimulates appropriate reflex points in the feet and hands. Harmony can be restored. The music once again rings sweet to begin to comfort and heal the body. (Sometimes we just need a little help from our friends.)

The art of reflexology is thousands of years old and has made a comeback the past several years. Formerly part of whole-body massage, Reflexology has become very specialized and a modality that stands on its own.

People receiving reflexology can experience deep relaxation, healing, release of toxins, relief of tension and stress, better sleep, easier movement, and increased circulation.

So, please—let your feet speak!