Reiki—A Peaceful Journey

Lois Valleau

This is a call to all Americans who may have experienced upset, concern, or worry about COVID-19 and the economy of our country. More specifically, will I stay healthy and will my financial future be secure? How do we come to terms with the enormity of a situation in which it appears we have no influence?

People I meet are confused. Is it safe to go out? Is it better to wear a mask or not? I don’t like wearing a mask, but if it helps one person (maybe even me) from getting the virus, I’m happy to comply.

There seem to be no easy answers. Caught in this no-win spot, I seek out peace. The Reiki Circle has been meeting since 1996—usually in Room A-2, but now on Zoom, to share meditation and Reiki. Mediation relaxes, and Reiki soothes and balances, leading to peaceful living. I realize that this crisis can shake our foundation, but that is just temporary. Once we have lived in that place of peace, we can always return.

Peace has a domino effect. I feel more peaceful if I am around people who are peaceful. If you become more peaceful, others around you will as well. I am encouraging you to consider these recommendations to assist you in moving through this current crisis into becoming part of the solution.

1. Find something that calms you, such a walk on the greenbelt, a swim, a nap, deep breathing, or a cup of tea. When you find that calming thing for you, allow yourself to calm down.

2. Turn off the TV news. I know to some of you that will seem sacrilegious, but does watching the news make you feel better or worse? If it makes you feel worse, why watch it? If you can’t turn it off completely, limit your exposure to it.

3. Consider the difficult situation of the legislators as they attempt to make the best choices for the American people that they can. Believe that they are doing the very best that they can, and that their intentions are good.

4. If there is some action that you can take to change or rectify things that you wish were different, do so. Otherwise, let it go.

5. Take some time each day to send a prayer, a positive thought, or Reiki to the pandemic and the economy as well as the candidates running for elected offices.

Although I do prefer hands-on Reiki sharing, we have found that by connecting on Zoom, we can send the Reiki energy in a very powerful way. You are welcome to join us anytime. Just call Lois Valleau at 480-883-6699 for the Zoom link. You may also call Lois or Rina Cupples at 480-883-7747 for questions you may have about Reiki. Many blessings, and keep the peace.