Reiki as a Guiding Force in Life

Lois Valleau

Dr. Mikao Usui, the originator of Reiki, taught his students five principles which support living a Reiki life. These principles have been modernized but are still an important focus for Reiki practitioners today. They are:

* Just for today, I choose peace.

* Just for today, I choose joy.

* I live my life in integrity.

* I treat all living beings with kindness.

* I show gratitude for all my many blessings.

You’ll notice these are all action words. If I want peace, I must choose it; the same for joy, etc. At the weekly Reiki Circle on Zoom, we begin our gathering by centering on one of these principles.

There is another force flowing through all of these, and that is love. We can use many words to describe Reiki, but I believe it is love in action.

If you are in a one-on-one session with a Reiki practitioner, that person may start the session with her hands on your head. The Reiki energy is flowing through her body and into yours. Reiki carries the love, or the love carries Reiki. Reiki is always working for your highest good.

We also have a time during the Reiki Circle when we share Reiki wins. A Reiki win is something we have asked for ourselves or another, and it has come to be. An example would be, “Jane has a successful surgery this coming Thursday and heals completely and quickly.” After her successful surgery and healing, we would share with the group this “win.” We do this to remind ourselves of the power of Reiki and to honor its presence in our lives.

When the pandemic hit and we could no longer meet in person, we decided to go to Zoom. Since the second-level training for Reiki is distance healing, we use that energy to bring us together and to allow Reiki to continue serving us.

We welcome you to join us at the Reiki Circle on Zoom any Tuesday morning at 9:30 a.m. Call me, Lois, at 480-883-6699 and I will send you the link to join us.

If you would like to experience a one-an-one session of Reiki, they are now available at the Sun Lakes Fitness Activities Center, 25219 S. EJ Robson Blvd., Cottonwood. Treatments are offered by Reiki practitioners Rina Cupples, Chris Cabanban, and Donna Penna. Please make your appointments 48 hours in advance by calling the desk at 480-885-1776.