Reiki Resolutions for All Time

Lois Valleau

Welcome to 2021! May this year be a good, even great one for all of us. Many of us have struggled this past year with adjusting to a whole new way of living. Perhaps you know someone who struggled with or passed from the virus. My heart goes out to you.

Beginning a new year gives us pause to reflect on what we’d like to see in the future. I’d like “normal” to return for all of us; healthy, wealthy, and wise. Children attend school, businesses operate at full capacity, and the virus is under control. Using these Reiki Principles daily will support that. Sending Reiki to these situations also supports their fruition.

1. Just for today, I choose Peace. The more I take quiet moments for myself, the more I connect with nature, and the more I meditate, the more peace I have within me. I remind myself that peace is a choice. It’s up to me. I let my peaceful light flow out to others who may be seeking peace.

2. Just for today, I choose Joy. This, too, is a choice. When I get up in the morning, I can greet the day with joy and giggles, or I can choose differently. It doesn’t take long to see which way brightens my day. I find joy in simple things, such as walking in the park and noticing the beauty of nature. Connecting with people I love or people I haven’t seen recently also brings me joy. I wish you inexhaustible joy in your life.

3. I live my life in integrity. For me, this means to live an honest life and help my fellow humans as I can. It also means to not judge when I notice others with different values and to forgive myself when I slip.

4. I treat all living beings with kindness. I love the feeling I get from random acts of kindness or any act of kindness. One person in our Reiki Circle collects clothes for Fans Across America and has offered to deliver what we’re no longer using to help homeless students, families in transition, and victims of domestic violence. Together we make a bigger kindness impact.

5. I show gratitude for all my many blessings. Expressing my gratitude attracts more blessings. Among the challenges were many blessings.

If you have Reiki questions, call me, Lois, at 480-883-6699 or Rina Cupples at 480-883-7747. If you’d like to join us some Tuesday morning at 9:30 on our Zoom Reiki Circle, let Lois know and she’ll send you a link.

Some of my friends helped me create this resolution for the coming year.

We give thanks that all U.S. citizens are coming together in unity behind our democratic principles. All hearts are softened, all minds are open as a smooth transition enables solutions to the pandemic now. Everything is in Divine Right Order for the Highest Good of all the earth’s people.