Resident Author: The Determination to Succeed by Arvind Phukan, PhD

Arvind Phukan

This autobiography by Sun Lakes resident Arvind Phukan, PhD, D.i.C., P.E., D.Sc. (Honorary), depicts how to achieve personal dreams and freedom by dedicating to self-mastery, discipline, motivation, and hard work.

The book will take you on the journey of the author’s crucial achievements, values, habits, and turning point that made his dream possible. He was passionate to “never give up” to achieve his childhood ambitions and goals. He was brave enough to take up challenges and risks for fulfilling his aspirations.

Proceeds from the book will help raise funds for the sustainable mitigation of the flood and erosion of the Brahmaputra River on the Majuli Island located in the northeastern State of Assam (India). After watching 70 years of failed technical measures by the authorities to combat chronic floods and riverbank erosion, the Core Professional Group for the Brahmaputra (CPGB) was formed in 2010 under the author’s leadership to offer effective technology to save the island and its unique cultural heritage. The group includes experienced river management professionals with roots deep in the region and passions to help its people. The CPGB is registered as a Non-Government Organization (NGO) in India and registered as a tax-exempt entity in the United States under the Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3). Your book purchase or donation can make a difference. You can learn more about the CPGB and support for preserving Majuli Island at

Sustainable Solutions

The following are recommended sustainable solutions of flooding and riverbank erosions of the Majuli Island:

* Integrated river management planning and design on a holistic approach.

* Braided behavior, channel migration/horizontal stability and sediment load accompanied with high discharge, addressed through mathematical model studies and satellite imagery.

* Geomorphic assessment, hydrological data, geotechnical investigation, and GPS survey are to be integrated using Geographical Information System (GIS). The selection of appropriate technology will depend on the collected data for the sites. In addition, watershed management/catchment in the Brahmputra is to be integrated in the study.

* Channelization/dredging of the river starting from major geological channel control points.

* Revisit all flood-prone areas along the Brahmputra and generate the flood prone maps with priorities. All alternatives such as new embankment, raising/repair and stabilization, and new materials like concrete A-Jacks, etc., must be considered.

* Use of bendway weir (submerged spur) to divert currents away from river banks.

* Toe and bank revetments with various appropriate materials (articulated concrete slab/mattress, gabions, concrete lining, geo-web, etc.)

Develop advanced and efficient computation tools (numerical models) capable of using the detailed hydro-meteorological data and predicting flood and erosion measures.

To Purchase or Donate

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of The Determination to Succeed or want to donate to help save the island, please contact Arvind Phukan at [email protected] or 602-600-8952.