Resident to run in Boston Marathon

Sun Lakes resident Dena Brinkman (66) will run in the 2015 Boston Marathon on April 20. Dena qualified for the Boston Marathon when she ran the Phoenix Marathon last year. Dena, who started running just five years ago, has run 11 half marathons and three XTerra half marathon trail runs. Most of her runs have been in the Phoenix area; however she has run in Madison, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Dena is in the middle of her training right now as she runs around 45 miles a week. So, if you see her running around the Lakes, make sure you give her your best wishes!

Dena is not only excited about running the Boston Marathon but on November 8 she and her husband Gary are planning to go to Greece so she can run the original marathon. Dena, who was born and raised in Greece, is super excited to go back to her birth country where her family will cheer her on. The original marathon begins in the city of Marathon and ends in Athens at the Olympic Stadium.