Resident writes a book

John W. Milionis, DO

The book, Happiness, The Joy From Living, is about happiness with contentment from our daily actions and living prefaced by the need for personal change so we can become aware and accommodate the changes we must make within us, by us, so we can expand our consciousness and increase our sensitivity to conceive what we want, where what we want resides and to materialize and harvest our wants where/when they are born to us in our daily actions and achievements. Most of us define happiness as the “thingy outcomes and end-results of our labors and achievements. I define happiness as an inner personal perception of joy and satisfaction from our actions and achievements. It is not the thingy acquisitions we want from our daily travails. What we truly crave and incessantly strive for is the joy and satisfaction from our actions and achievements which we are unable to harvest because of the configuration of our mind-set, our belief system and our mass consciousness.

Being an inner personal perception and a causal inner resident, happiness must be conceived first in consciousness—in our inner subjective domain before it becomes a manifestation in our objective dimension through personal intervention—an inner dynamic heretofore cloaked by ignorance. Happiness and abundance, as residents of our inner subjective realm, have been with us since the beginning of time, though unbeknownst to us because of our ignorance of this dimension. It is this ignorance that humanity must overcome in order to achieve success, abundance, happiness and contentment. To recognize and experience them in our outer objective dimension we must expand our consciousness into the subjective domain where our children function and can show us how to conceive happiness where it resides in our consciousness and to increase our sensitivity to harvest it where/when it is born to us in our actions and achievements. Our children, whom we laboriously convert into our exclusively objective dimension by eight to thirteen years of age, have all the answers, know the way and have the tools we need to acquire happiness and a more rewarding life.

This book is different from anything in print and controversial. It brings into focus the subjective dimension with its subjective operating system for fulfilling humanity’s journey to neutralize its desires and to experience health, abundance, happiness and inner peace.

The book is full of insights which surfaced as I interacted with children, their parents and society over 55 years as a behavioral pediatrician. It is what children taught me when I entered their Kid-dom and their exclusively subjective operating system constituted by “ yes, here, now, innocence and I am“ self-awareness in distinction to my previous adult mind-set which was constituted by our exclusively objective operating system with its glaring preoccupation with the negative ode, yesterday, tomorrow, judgment and with virtually no knowledge or desire to know of our children’s exclusively subjective way of learning. These are two different operating systems.

The solution to what we want and have been yearning for for eons is staring us in the face—our children (!) and the inner gems of their subjectivity—here, now innocence and I am awareness.

The objective of this book is to present an alternative approach to life and living—the reconciliation of mankind’s objective nature with its subjective nature—its final duality, into a united whole as is the rest of the universe.