Restless Minds will focus on recycling

Bill Gates

This has been a tough year for recycling. Several countries, most notably China, have either cut back or eliminated recyclable items they will accept and process.

And here in the United States, waste management companies are increasingly sending many recyclable items to landfills.

At its November meeting, the Restless Minds discussion group will focus on such issues. The meeting will be held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 12, in the Sewing Room of Oakwood’s Arts & Crafts Center.

Discussion leader Howard Lundgren will invite participants to consider ramifications of recycling decisions. He wants to explore the benefits of recycling, as well as whether there are downsides to not recycling.

Among the questions he’ll raise are:

Should there be more regulations for all new construction for recycling grey water?

Should it be mandatory for hotels to have recycle bins?

What do we do with all the recyclables and how extensive of an effort should be made if many items are headed to the landfill anyway?

Restless Minds is receptive to all people with open, inquisitive minds. There are no dues or membership requirements. All political and social points of view are encouraged to engage in this friendly exchange of ideas on the second Tuesday of each month. Just show up and participate.