Restless Minds

The infamous Restless Minds discussion group will be meeting again on the second Tuesday of February, the 13th, for our monthly gathering of the Sun Lakes intelligentsia to solve the problems of the world: cultural, philosophical, theological, political, economic, scientific, and ontological (and if you were inspired to look up what “ontological” actually means, you might fit right in).

We’ll be meeting in the Sewing Room at 7 p.m. in the Patrol/Arts and Crafts building in Oakwood on the evening before Valentine’s Day. Thus, rather than discuss the role of romantic love in popular culture or some juicy topic that might be related, we will be examining the place that widely-celebrated holidays have in our modern way of life.

Such questions as, “Why are most widely celebrated holidays based on completely bogus underpinnings?” or “Does humanity have an innate desire to frequently get drunk, overeat, and indulge in revelry, which inevitably results in regret the following day?”

Selected frequent Restless Minds attendees will be giving short presentations on certain holidays as a springboard to the discussions to follow. It could be fun.

So, read up on your favorite holiday and be prepared to defend why you just spent $150 on a pair of red shoes for Valentine’s Day.

Remember, Tuesday, Feb. 13, at 7 p.m. in the Oakwood Sewing Room.