Roadrunners Launch New Season

Monument Valley Rally, May 17-21, 2022

Cathie Smith, Secretary

The Sun Lakes Roadrunners RV Club is excited to get our new 2022-23 year started. Each year in the fall, many of the Roadrunners return to the Sun Lakes area in time to attend the first meeting of the season on Oct. 11. At that meeting, there are many happy reunions where folks share stories, tips, and trials of their summer adventures.

Our May 17-21 rally at Goulding’s Resort RV Park and Campground, located near Oljato-Monument Valley, Utah, in the heart of Monument Valley 4 corners area, was a spectacular success. We visited the world-renowned skyscrapers of sand, Valley of the Gods, Mexican Hat, and many others. Some of the rally participants also took a three-and-a-half-hour jeep tour by a Navajo guide from Goulding’s Lodge. This also included a stop at a Navajo hogan, which is an eight-sided female structure built in harmony with the universe and all living creatures on earth. A Navajo woman inside the hogan was doing an authentic weaving demonstration and also explaining how and why the rug she was weaving was put together, with the color dye and spirit meanings. At the end of the day, we went to the Goulding Lodge for a Navajo taco.

We all look forward to our season opening meeting on Oct. 11 to start planning our future rallies. Our new board members President Carlos Lozano, Vice President Diane Lingenfelter, Treasurer Sally Walby, and Secretary Cathie Smith are excited to get to work on planning exciting new events.

The Sun Lakes Roadrunners RV Club is all about fun travel, new adventures, good food, and great friends! The group enjoys many opportunities to see new sights, go on organized tours, explore on your own, dine out or cook at the campsite, and make many new friends.

Prospective members and visitors are always welcome. Come join the fun on Tuesday, Oct. 11.