Rock On, You Beaders!

Pictured is Kathy Norman, president of the Sun Lakes Rock, Gem & Silver Club. On display in front of Kathy is a loom, as well as her necklaces and bracelets. Freestyle is a great way to use up leftover beads from loom projects. Note the green malachite cabochon centered on the freestyle bracelet in the lower left corner. (Photo by Doug Williams)

Yup, you heard that right. Beading is one of our most popular classes! We humans have been embellishing and adorning clothing and our bodies with beads for millennia. The age-old process of stringing beads is easy, fun, relaxing, and exciting, all at the same time. Some of the earliest motives for beading were based on religious or sympathetic prayer, plus the establishment and display of elevated wealth and status. However, today, beading is used to relax and unwind while spending your leisure time centered on what you want to do for yourself because you enjoy it. When your colorful creation comes to life, it is a boost to your individual self-esteem and as an emotional connection to others of like interests in the Sun Lakes community.

You can join the Sun Lakes Rock, Gem & Silver Club right now by going to our website, filling out the membership form, then signing up to take a class on Monday afternoons! And before you know it, you’ll be making new friends who enjoy making bracelets, necklaces, and earrings out of “seed” beads.

There are two types of beading classes, Loom and Freestyle. The class fee is $20 where you’ll be provided with a loom, but you’ll need to provide your own beads. There are many local craft stores where you can choose the colors and sizes of seed beads to purchase.

As president of the “Rock Club,” Kathy Norman encourages all Splash readers to support The Greater Sun Lakes Community Foundation, which was established to enhance the quality of life for the older population in the East Valley, including Sun Lakes residents, in the areas of health, education, and culture. Our club is very grateful and wishes to publicly thank the Foundation for approving our application for a $4,000 grant. This generous grant provided our club with the means to purchase two lapidary arbors—one for Cottonwood and one for the Sun Lakes Country Club shop.

Additionally, we purchased a new vulcanizer machine, which helps in making lost wax molds. Also, a special thanks from our Cottonwood Glass Studio, which was the recipient of a new kiln from the Foundation’s grant proceeds.

Correction: Last month’s Splash contained an article which stated that the Rock Club’s Open Shops are free after joining the club and completing a class. Please be advised that Open Shops are available only after purchase of an Open Shop stamp. These stamps are sold for $15, $20, or $25, depending upon the craft designation, i.e., Lapidary, Silver, Lost Wax, Glass, or Creative Crafts.