Cottonwood Ladies Golf Association Partners Champions

Member/Member Tournament winners Pat Shouse and Rita Healy

Judy Onken

Our winners of the Member/Member Tournament this year are Pat Shouse and Rita Healy. Zara Logan contributed pictures of each twosome, which can be reviewed on the CLGA website.

These two epitomize the partnership required to win this event. Many cliches describe how well they played together: They ham and egged it, they were like peanut butter and jelly, they were birds of a feather, and, finally, they were two peas in a pod. Congratulations, gals!

Rita and Pat have much in common outside of their outstanding golf games. Both spent careers in the medical field—Rita as a registered nurse for 40 years at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and Pat as a hospital administrator in Moline, Ill. They both report having great experiences meeting and playing with others in the league. Pat is fairly new to Sun Lakes and reports being scared to death to join the group, as there had been rumors that “mean girls” inhabited the club. She was delighted to learn that the folklore had it all wrong, and her fears about establishing new friendships soon disappeared.

Pat jumped in with both feet, becoming an active contributor to the community we all love. She works a couple of days a week at the HOA and adores the people she comes in contact with every day. We appreciate her service on the Golf Committee, as well as the holiday/special tournament libations prepared and served by her husband, a retired owner of an Irish pub.

Rita is effusive in her comments about the ladies in the club who have been patient and respectful of her when she plays her best, as well as when she doesn’t. She is grateful for the leadership for doing a great job.