Time to Move On

Harry Huckemeyer

Many thanks go out to all of those who came out to support our club, as we enjoyed a busy last quarter of 2023 with a few major events, which included our participation at the Railroad Museum located here in Chandler, Freedom Village, and, last but not least, the annual Earth Day Celebration held in Apache Junction at the Horizon Medical location, which is a stone’s throw away from the Superstition Mountains, known to many. All three of these attractions were attended by larger than expected crowds of both the young and the old, and for all, it was a great day to have some fun in the sun and enjoy a warm, friendly atmosphere with food trucks (in some cases) and fun and games for the young and the old and opportunities to meet and greet new friends and share some great conversations.

Moving on is typically something we do following the first half of the year. In May we normally have our final get-together, and it is in appreciation for the efforts of all our club members and, more so, for their families who allow them the free time to stay current with today’s world regarding advanced technology, which is constantly changing, and to do something that is dear to their hearts. For several years now, we’ve been using Sisk Park for this event. Typically, each member will bring something as part of a potluck get-together, while the club provides a variety of things from the Grill, with all the condiments and utensils needed, plus water and soft drinks for club members and their guests.

In today’s world, the one thing you can usually count on is change. We typically close down for the summer months and return to our normal scheduling in September. We’ve recently been invited to participate in a few events that will be taking place outside the areas and, in some cases, under cover to beat the heat. At present, these are under review, and a decision won’t be made until we see if we can cover it with the members who will be available at that time.

For any additional information regarding our club’s activities, we can be reached at 480-600-1349 or [email protected]. Please always leave a name and a telephone number where you can be reached if you call or send a text message to that phone number. Normally, our meetings are held at the SunBird Community Center unless we have a major conflict with the date. With the busy schedules we had in the first half of the year, adjustments had to be made in a few cases. Normally, our meetings are held at 9:30 a.m. on the first Saturday of the month. If you need more details, please give me a call at the number provided. Have a great day and an enjoyable summer, no matter where you may be.