Rocks in Their Heads

We travel the country for just the right rock,

Roaming the desert or walking a dock.

Many a gem store we’ve hit in each town,

While spouses just waited, we browsed all around.

Our quest, for you see, is to find with our eyes,

That crusty old rock which inside will surprise.

Not sure what you’ve got ‘til you cut it in two,

The colors and textures may just surprise you.

We cut and design, then we’ll grind and we’ll grind,

And last, we will polish, and oh what a find.

That rock from the ground now hangs round her neck,

My wife is so happy she gave me a peck.

Make YOUR spouse happy and have fun in the process.

Come join the Sun Lakes Rock, Gem and Silver Club and release that inner artist.

Most of our members have absolutely no background or experience in art, myself included. All you need is a little imagination, and you can create something beautiful.

Ladies, you do not have to make a pendant or earrings for your husband. You can keep them for yourself. BUT you can learn to make bears, letter openers, pen handles, money clips, and much more out a stone; a more fitting gift for the man in your life.

Many other art forms besides lapidary are included in the club, such as silver smithing, lost wax, wire bracelets, faceting, stained glass, dichroic glass, precious metals, gourding, and beading, just to mention a few. Come see what it’s all about; join us for our general meeting on the third Monday of each month (October through April) at 10 a.m. in Sun Lakes Navajo Room or visit our website at