Season of Gratitude

Kathleen, Reflexology Practitioner, IronOaks

I would like to express a great Thank You to everyone at IronOaks Fitness and Racquet Club. So many members, residents, staff, and guests have been very gracious to me since bringing Reflexology to the Sun Lakes Community. I have enjoyed meeting every one of you. Thank you for your support and kindness.

Some people may ask, “Why Reflexology?”

The science and art of reflexology impacts our lives in many ways, helping to bring healing and balance that the body needs to function properly. The body constantly endeavors to be healthy and balanced, but the sheer challenges of everyday life can compromise physical and emotional wellbeing.

Pollutants in the air that we breathe can compromise the respiratory system.

Processed foods and certain food choices will inflame the digestive system, which houses the immune system! Doctors recommend that building and maintaining a strong immune system is one of the most important things that we can do to fight against illness and disease.

Just as the skeletal system needs movement and weight-bearing activities and the muscular system craves stretching and strength, stimulation of reflexes affects every organ and system of the body. The bottoms of the feet hold over 7000 nerve endings. These nerve endings serve as reflex points for every system and organ.

The methodical, purposeful stimulation of each reflex point in the foot initiates electrical charges to the brain. These impulses go to work to heal and balance wherever needed.

This awakening of reflexes, combined with foot massage, soothing music, and aromatic oils, provide a relaxing environment. The body does its best healing work when the mind and body are at rest.

Emotional wellbeing is also at stake here. Everyone knows that how we perceive our physical and environmental circumstance affects our thoughts and emotions. Fearful or negative emotions can cause physical dysfunction. Positive and grateful attitudes can heal. High levels of pain or negative emotions can put the body into a fight or flight state, releasing stress hormones, creating physical and emotional stress.

Not only does reflexology feel good, but the treatment does wonders for improving the body’s stress level. The gentle probing of key areas in hands and feet allows the body to release toxins that are built up. The release of these toxins gives greater overall health and improved circulation, allowing the body to heal itself and even reduce pain and inflammation. Drinking extra water before and after your reflexology treatment will also help to flush unwanted toxins from the body.

As a bonus, Reflexology may also help in improving sleep, which is essential in helping the body repair itself. According to Dr. Eric Berg, deep and consistent sleep is key in healing and maintaining a sense of wellbeing.

Why Reflexology?

Stress release, reflex stimulation, and relaxation are essential for balance and healing of body, mind, and soul.