See the Brand-New Glass Studio in Cottonwood

Pictured (left to right) are Kathy Woys, Fused Glass instructor; Donna Penna, Dichroic Glass instructor; and Nancy Hibbard, Stained Glass instructor.

So, maybe you remember the old Fitness Center at Cottonwood. Well, things have changed quite a bit, and it’s all for the better! In fact, this newly remodeled building will house our fourth dedicated craft shop for the Sun Lakes Rock, Gem & Silver Club. It is often said, “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” Yes, that’s true, but we are a rock club (get it?), and we have a very active glass division.

And just so you know, all of the club’s future glass classes and Open Shop times will be held in this new building’s Glass Studio. That’s right, be sure to say “studio,” because everything created there will be very arty, very stylish, and very creative! And now you can be a part of it by joining the Sun Lakes Rock, Gem & Silver Club. Just go to and join the club for only $25 per annum. Check it out.

Fused Glass: What is fused glass? Glass fusing is defined as the heat bonding of separate pieces of glass in a kiln. It’s easy to learn the basics of fusing glass. It’s also challenging and fun, and the possibilities are endless. Fused glass is used to fabricate plates, tiles, bowls, wall hangings, and other artistic creations. Go online to to see the class descriptions and class schedules. Fused glass artist Kathy Woys will instruct introductory fused glass, including glass cutting, kiln forming, and cold working. Kathy can be reached at 480-818-0119 or [email protected].

Dichroic Glass: What is dichroic glass? Dichroic glass used in fusing incorporates two or more colors with a metallic coating. When the glass is viewed from different angles, the light created is multiple rainbows of color. That makes this glass perfect for jewelry or to give a fused glass project a bit of extra “bling.” To create these pieces, the glass is cut into shape, designed, and then fused in a 1,400-degree kiln for several hours. When the glass comes out of the kiln, it is ready for finishing touches, and you have a beautiful piece of jewelry. Go to to see class descriptions and class schedules. Instructor Donna Penna can be reached at 602-882-3651 or [email protected].

Stained Glass: Class participants will learn to use the copper foil method of building a stained-glass project to be used as a window hanging. And with all the sun we have here in Sun Lakes, be sure to pick a very sunny window to emphasize and highlight the gorgeous colors and design elements of your creation. The various steps necessary to complete a project are taught by instructor Nancy Hibbard. Go to to see class descriptions and class schedules. Nancy can be reached at 480-802-0193, 207-423-1575, or [email protected].

Doesn’t this sound like a lot of fun? And it’s a sure way for newcomers to make new friends.