Send in the Clowns!

Roger Bonngard

The clowns are here in Sun Lakes. Clowns reside in a place where laughter and crying are happening at the same time.

Clowns are needed when things are falling apart and are needed to divert us from our chaos. Certainly, the COVID-19, the wild fires, our personal health, and the incivility within our nation qualify.

We have enjoyed clowns in our past: Red Skeleton, Jack Benny, Laurel and Hardy, Jackie Gleason, Lucille Ball, Harvey Korman, and Carol Burnett, to name a few. We saw ourselves in each one of them. When tragedy seems to be the question, comedy seems to be the answer.

It is best when we accept ourselves as clowns. Sometimes, the worst things that happen to us end up being the best things that happen to us.

Clowning offers us relief from our fears of our future and self-doubt, and it opens the door for our joy.

And the wonderful part of it is that we already are our own clown! Our clown is just waiting for us to recognize it so it can come out and we can look on the bright side of life.

Help each of us realize that our health and the chaos surrounding our lives requires our “clowning around,” because we know that “laughter is the best medicine!”