Sew-N-Sews news

Pat Kovarik

The Sew-N-Sews’ last meeting for this season will be May 9 in the Navajo Room at SLCC. We take the summers off (June, July and August) and start up again in September. We’ll have a whole new lineup of presentations which will be interesting, informative and fun. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

You are invited to our May meeting to see what we’re all about. The Sew-N-Sews is an eclectic (read “we do it all!”) group of ladies. Any type of hand work is addressed. Obviously, we sew, but did you know that we have a group that works with beads and makes jewelry? We also have a group that makes pet beds, which is aptly named “Pads for Paws.” Dolly Dressers is another one of our SIGs (Special Interest Groups). They refurbish dolls, sew garments and other items for the dolls and then distribute to various charities. Another group meets to share ideas and information about machine embroidery; there are a lot of challenges that are discussed at this SIG.

Speaking of Pads for Paws, you may want to start saving your leftover scraps of washable, lightweight cotton and batting for them. The fabric should be in small pieces: Squares, rectangles or small, odd shapes; however, they should not be more than about three inches or smaller than one inch. And please do not include strips of fabric. These can cause various problems for the pets.

The May 9 meeting of Sew-N-Sews will have two speakers: Dalena Watson from Project Linus that supplies blankets for community needs, and Nan Damaris who crochets mats from plastic bags for homeless. You can look forward to hearing about their organization, their goals, how they achieve these goals and how they serve our community. They will tell you how you can become involved and work with others to achieve their goals. There are several types of donations that can be made. Groups can always use people that have organizational skills or can help deliver items. Please come to learn about these fascinating projects.

At each meeting, we also have a “stash table” that can inspire your next project or give you that one fabric or notion that you’ve been missing from your own stash. We have various types of classes every month for our members, and we have a Show and Tell and several door prizes that can be won by Sew-N-Sews members who wear their nametag to the meeting.

But most of all, we have fun and lots of laughs! Come on May 9 and see for yourself. In the meantime, if you have any questions, contact Phyllis Prysock, our president, at 480-339-0297. She’ll be glad to answer your questions about Sew-N-Sews.