And the Sisk Bocce winners are…all of us!

Irene D’Aloisio, Publicity Director

It’s been a great first session for the Sisk Bocce Club this fall. And every one of our members is a winner. Who couldn’t be a winner when you’re able to play bocce outdoors in the warm sun with a fun-loving group and friendly competition? The first session ended on January 4 and the Potluck and Awards party was held on January 11 with a full house. The first three places in each division received certificates for Cottonwood Palo Verde amenities and names of non-placing members were drawn for consolation prizes. The second session started on January 18 and will end on March 22. That session’s Potluck and Awards party will be held on March 29 and will also include the election of officers for the next club year.

So let’s congratulate every member of the club for a session well-played and welcome them back for the second session.

First session winners:

Division A: 1st Mike Buscaglia and Ralph Falvo, 2nd Les and Maggie Klingberg, 3rd Gary and Sheila Bross; Division B: 1st Len and Lee Knecht, 2nd Fritz and Beth Derheim, 3rd Doc Heckler and Irene D’Aloisio; Division C: 1st Frank Broley and Patricia Vickers, 2nd Rita and Robert Lobello, 3rd (three-way tie), Arnie and Alice Bannerman, Harry and Sharon Bicchieri and Fred and Mary Ruff; Division D: 1st Timothy Lamb and Marilyn Conner, 2nd Gary and Dorothy Vacin, 3rd John Pfeiffer and Pamela Hansen; Division E: 1st Bob and Barb Schmoekel, 2nd Jack and Della Stagner, 3rd Dottie Allison and Carolyn Urich; Division F: 1st Tony and Maria Racano, 2nd Jim and Gwen Hodge, 3rd Ralph and Sandy Casale; Division G: 1st George and Karen Polusny,; 2nd Jay and Diana DePree, 3rd Linn and Bea Henderson; Division H: 1st Bill and Shirley Danner, 2nd Steve and Fran Cassidy, 3rd Teddy Cole and Lucy Geller; Division I: 1st Andreas and Annette Kern, 2nd Stan and Cindy Fark, 3rd Bill and Sue Hatcher; Division J: 1st Joe and Lynette Spicka, 2nd John and Carole Sinicki, 3rd Carl Schell and Carol Stagger

Interested in playing this fall? Contact President Judy Hester at 480-339-0243 or Division Director Terry Sporleder at 815-248-9921; or e-mail us at [email protected] We’d love to have you! v