Sisk Park Bocce Ball Club keeps growing and growing

Gary Vacin

The Sisk Park Bocce Ball Club concluded another successful fall season January 8, as around 150 members flooded the Sisk Park Ramada January 8 for the club’s fall Potluck and Awards Party. The attendees feasted on fried chicken and sipped soft drinks, wine and beer, accompanied by a wide array of salads and desserts.

A record 222 players participated in the fall tournament, according to Beth Derheim, division director. “That was a great turnout, but we already have 248 players scheduled for the winter tournament, which began January 14,” she added. Play will continue through March 19, and the session will end with a potluck and awards party March 26.

Also on tap are an intraclub tournament with the Oasis Bocce Club at Oasis Park February 3 and an interclub tournament at Sisk Park February 26.

Top three finishing teams in the fall tournament follow:

Division A – 1. Tony and Maria Racano; tie for 2. Les and Maggie Klingberg, Bill Janicki and John Terranova.

Division B – 1. Dale and Janet Hallberg; 2. Roy and Linda Paritt; 3. Bob and Karen Snow.

Division C – 1. Three-way tie, Larry and Nancy Vanderslice; Lawrence Beck and Jan Cambridge, Terry Sporeleder and Ron Bickford

Divison D – 1. Arve and Carol Moser; tie for 2. John and Karen Marks. Gary and Dorothy Vacin

Division E – 1. John and Dianna Milkint; tie for 2. Murray and Nan Rose, George and Karen Polusney

Division F – tie for 1. Mike and Diane Grady, Richard and Kathy Koon; tie for 2. Shirley Hutchings and Laura Sahlin, Barbera Bogar and Betty Jean Black

Division G – 1. Jim and Gwen Hodge; tie for 2. Lyle and Marlene Snow, Claire Zieglar and Marie Boyes, Jim and Diane Roberts, Alan and Janet Kurth

Division H – 1. Chuck and Cindy Dreifus; 2. Lou and Kay Blas; tie for 3. Tom and Sue Sindelar, Pam and Mike Currier

Division I – 1. Cindy Dreifus and Gloria Zarifis; 2. Tie, Richard and Pamela Reuter; Dan and Pat Prekel

Division J – 1. Frank Mills and Rose O’Conner; three-way tie for 2. Al and Linda McCabe, Nancy McWherter and Sharon Howard; Marie Syzmanski and Tom Holmes

Division K – 1. Bill and Val Crump; tie for 2. Michael and Charlan Dalsanders; 2. Robert and Cindi Fernandez

Division L – 1. Mike Giarlo and Betty Joseph; tie for 2, Gordie and Joyce Kesler, Joe and Sharon Fratiello

Division M – 1. Patrick and Christ O’Keefe; 2. Hal and Delores Mahaffey; tie for 3. David Nelson and Tom Burns, Cele Ludig and Heidi Meyer

Division N – 1. Tie Dave and Colleen Walker, Jan and Dennis Gabriel; 3. Dave and Maureen Tharp